Anselm Cabús: Biography  

Anselm Cabús i Torra
Sculptor and Painter
Barcelona, 1953

Cabús is a painter with a long and intense artistic trajectory that he pioneered very young. Only with sixteen years he was selected in the Young Painting competition of the Sala Parés in Barcelona.

His work could be divided into two great periods.

In a first stage it reflects a black expressionism that reaches from his beginnings until 1980 and his expression evolves towards a marked realism that achieves the maxim in his works with pebbles and inks.

In the first period, Cabús presented several exhibitions, in the Gallery K (Barcelona), in 1975; Palau Blau de Sitges (Barcelona) and Galiza Dorme Noia, to In Coruña, in 1973.

After his moving to Serradell in 1983, a small village of seven inhabitants in Lleida, he pioneers a stimulating second stage in his work, characterized by a deep spirituality. In this period, he starts his interesting collaborations with the worlds of the theatre and music.

In 1990, he has collaborated with the theatre company Bufons in several acts in the Archaeological Museum of Cuenca. He carries out the illustration of the "New Method of Musical Education for children".

Anselm Cabús has presented to numerous exhibitions and he has highlighted for his great mastering of fast painting that he has carried him to win several prizes in this modality in Catalonia and Aragón (Spain).

From different techniques, watercolours, inks and oils, the work of this artist advances towards a research of the method and of the expression.

He disapproves of recondite places, unique characters, “numinic” spaces that express all the character typical of very peculiar environments, which are appreciated clearly in his paintings devoted to Egypt.

At present he is working in pictorial and sculptural pieces, imparting Seminars and Workshops and investigating about the effects of the colours in the artistic expression, immersed.

He has been the instigator of the International Seminars of Summer has been in Cubelles (Barcelona), the months of July and August. These Seminars have had a good acceptance and they have treated some aspects as "The colour and its influence across the work of Goethe and his aesthetics studied by the philosopher and pedagogue Rudolf Steiner”.

In 2007 he has carried out his last great format sculpture, "Raiers" installed in the Pobla de Segur-Claverol (Lleida).

In the Workshop Study Anselm Cabús at Santa Madrona street in VNG, sends a performance interpreting the traditional parties of Vilanova using an avant-garde vision, with a collective of artists of SincroArt.

In the Workshop Study Anselm Cabús at the Santa Madrona street in VNG, several courses and works exhibitions have been programmed during all the year, becoming a open space to the Art in the centre of Vilanova.

At present, he is involved with different collaborators in several projects of contemporary forge and sculpture in iron and stone.

He has intervened as commissioner, artistic advisor and member of several juries in competitions of Painting in different Town Councils.

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