Anselm Cabús: The Integration of Art  
Anselm Cabús carries out a task of landscape improvement since seven years ago in the urban area, as well as interventions in the landscape, nature and memory in company of a team of collaborators.

Once plenum of inconsistencies, inheritance of the past and that compromises the image of the villages and cities has been made aware of the need of intervention in an urban space, Anselm Cabús intends, in all his performances, to create a linked art to the place and the citizen.

The work of Cabús gives form and relief in the local patrimony, in the remembrances and in the longings collective, respecting like this completely the will and sensitivity of the observer. His performances in open spaces search the symbiosis with the reality of the affected place and frequently run away from more satisfactory possibilities from the artistic and personal point of view, in favour of other more concordant points of view and with a more integrating function.

On the other hand, the artist does not forget the contemporary fact, giving like this in his sculptures an innovative air that, far from entering in mismatching with the environment, nears us to the today time but respecting the past.

Anselm Cabús has been made a good noun in Cubelles (Catalonia) with the sculpture "The genius and the brutal force", monument about the Eleven September Day, placed beside the church of the town.

Born in Barcelona, he had spent the summer in the town, until he decided to fix his residence there, and with will of creating a den of artists and some international stays of exchange, with the creation of SincroArt, Center of Contemporary Art Research. It is an entity who searches to create «links» among artists. SincroArt has three sites, in Cubelles, Vilanova and Serradell (Catalonia). It organizes different International Seminars, which include workshops, conferences and auditions, stays and master-class for amateurs and professionals. "It is a way to give the towns life and that foreign people comes to experiment and to create there".

Anselm Cabús is a mystical artist, who searches beyond the forms, the colours and of the art itself. The quality is important, but the intellectual approach of the work is the best. This process of internalization has led him in different moments to going away from the urban noise to search the calmness of the mountain. The realism of the object found and transformed, working in avant-garde lines and of figuration, carrying out a fusion of everything, is based on by his work.

Anselm Cabús works with sets of oppositions. Masculine and feminine, power and freedom, while he investigates and experiences the expressive work of the colour, giving more importance to brightness and chromatic language before to contents. These contents appear later, without searching it. His work and his own shadow, Omlesma Súbac, brings him a capacity of complementary reflection, next and inspiring.

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